The aim of the project between the Jazz Estonia and Philly Joe’s Jazz Club is to introduce the bright universe of jazz music to children in a concert-chatting room environment.

The project begun from an idea to test the children and the young – are they able to forget the surroundings and focus on music? 45-minute long concert-chatting room takes its participants on a spirited journey to the bright universe of jazz music where Estonian jazz musicians talk about the birth and essence of jazz, play the most known pieces, introduce instruments and their own journey to music and reply to all possible questions. The highlight of every event is an authentic jam session. What’s special about this project is also the fact that these concerts-chatting rooms take place in a jazz club – the place where jazz music is born.

Students’ thoughts on this project:

“Being the one who has not had much contact with jazz I was surprised how much I liked it, how every piece made me think about different things and how versatile jazz really is. What captivated me the most was when they asked the audience to come up with a theme and then put together an amazing piece.”

“During the concert, I thought a lot about how open and free the thinking of jazz musicians can or has to be. Considering that part of their performance or the whole concert is based on improvisation, so being there in that moment and listening to it, it is wonderful and unbelievable. The performers, when they are on stage, they create something completely new, something that no one else has ever heard before and something that no one else will ever hear again. In a way, it is like a secret or magic that is shared only between the audience and the performers. The whole atmosphere of the club was very warm and caused a great desire to go back there and re-experience that kind of a concert.”

In 2017, students (aged 8 to 18) from the following schools took part in this project: Harkujärve Põhikool, Laulasmaa Kool, Gustab Adolfi Gümnaasium, Rocca al Mare Kool, Tallinna 32. Keskkool, Tallinna 21. Keskkool, Nõmme Põhikool, Kostivere Kool, Saue Gümnaasium, Kiili Gümnaasium, Tallinna Euroopa Kool, Pääsküla Gümnaasium, Loo Keskkool, Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium.

Musicians who took part in the project were Kirku Karja, Anna Regina Kalk, Lauri Kadalipp, Martin-Eero Kõressaar, Karl Juhan Laanesaar, Siima Aimla, Kalle Pilli, Mart Soo, Ara Yaralyan, Ramuel Tafenau, Jaan Jaanson, Reigo Ahven, Marti Tärn, Rain Rämma, Marti Laas.

The author of the idea is Reigo Ahven, the founder of Philly Joe’s Jazz Club, and the project leader from the Jazz Estonia is Pille Lukin-Kangur. The project is sponsored by the Gambling Tax Council. For additional information, email to




Organised by the Jazz Estonia and Jazzkaar, the aim of the project “Jazz Present to Europe” is to introduce the original Estonian jazz creation and musicians at prestigious European festivals.

To introduce Estonian jazz music and celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Estonia, the jazz present will reach Belgium, England, Finland, and Germany. The first festival attended was B-EST Jazz Fest in September 2017 in the Belgian capital Brussels where famous musicians from Belgium performed alongside Estonian artists. Estonia was represented by Maria Faust Sacrum Facere lead by the saxophonist and composer Maria Faust and Peedu Kass Momentum, the ensemble of bassist Peedu Kass.  In November 2017, Estonian jazz will reach Finland and the UK. Three Estonian bands will perform in Tampere Jazz Happening, one of the oldest jazz festivals in Finland and winner of the European Jazz Network Award – Kirke Karja Quartet, Kadri Voorand & Mihkel Mälgand duo, and Heavy Beauty. At the most important jazz forum in Europe, the London Jazz Festival, five Estonian bands will perform – Weekend Guitar Trio, Kadri Voorand & Mihkel Mälgand, Erki Pärnoja: Efterglow, Heavy Beauty, and Peedu Kass Momentum.

In 2018, Estonian musicians can be heard in May at the XJAZZ festival in Berlin, Germany, in June at Elbjazz in Hamburg, Germany, and in July at Pori Jazz in Pori, Finland.

The project is made possible with the help of Estonian Tourist Board of Enterprise Estonia, Estonia 100, the Estonian Ministry of Culture, and the devotion of Estonian musicians. For additional information, email to