Press release: Jaak Sooäär releases his new sheet music compilation

New sheet music compilation by guitarist Jaak Sooäär has been released, which brings together 30 songs and instrumental pieces written at different times. The book, which is being published on the occasion of the author’s 50th anniversary, includes a selection of songs written for various ensembles during his colorful creative career.

“The selection of tunes was made at the beginning of 2022 and this is just a fraction of the compositions I have written on my exiting road of being a musician. The choice was based on the desire to present repertoire of several ensembles from different times in various styles, ranging from jazz to folk and rock,” comments Jaak Sooäär, the author of the songs in the collection.

Ronja Soopan, the editor of the book: “While musicians often celebrate anniversaries with concerts or a new album, this time Jaak and I decided to put his diverse creative works together in the form of sheet music. The songs come in different levels of difficulty and are suitable to be played solo or with a band. We hope that young and old music lovers alike will find both well-known tunes and exciting new discoveries in this book.”

The 30 songs in the new “Laulud ja lood” (“Songs and tunes”) book introduce the repertoire of Jaak Sooäär’s various ensembles. As the title suggests, the book is divided into two parts – songs and instrumental pieces. Tunes from the repertoire of bands like Eesti Keeled, Juhan, Tuule Kann-Jaak Sooäär, Sooäär/Yaralyan/Ounaskari, Heavy Beauty, Sooäär-Vaigla-Ruben and others are included.

The presentation of the book will take place on the occasion of Jazzkaar Festival’s free concert day in Tallinn at Club of Different Rooms on Sunday 24 April at 14.00.

Anniversary concerts “Jaak Sooäär 50” Eesti Keeled feat. Riho Sibul & Vaiko Eplik are part of Jazzkaar programme and will take place on Friday 22 April at 19.00 at the Estonian National Museum in Tartu and on Monday 25 April at 18.00 at Vaba Lava Tallinn.

Jaak Sooäär “Laulud ja lood” is on sale at the publishing’s website, on Jazzkaar’s website, in Apollo, Rahva Raamat and soon in other smaller book and music shops all over Estonia. The collection is published by Read Kirjastus, edited by Ronja Soopan. The publication is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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