Kadri Voorand signed record deal with German label

Kadri Voorand signed a contract with influential German record company O-Tone Music. The company will publish her long-awaited new album in spring.

Photo: Anu Hammer

Kadri Voorand’s previous jazz album Armupurjus (Love Intoxication) was named the best album of the year and it is sold by record shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and United Kingdom.

Voorand’s music is receiving an evergrowing amount of positive feedback at home and abroad. She was extensively featured in Jazzwise, one of the most important jazz magazines of the world. John Watson from British jazz magazine Jazz Journal has praised her voice, improvisation, imagination and stunning stage presence. Austria’s influential Jazz Magazine has similarly lauded her work as masterpiece. Recently her achievements have piqued the interest of Deutschlandradio, who recorded a long interview with her. Those are just a few examples of the high level of interest that her works are enjoying.

Next spring the talented musician will publish an album with one of the most active Estonian bassists Mihkel Mälgand. They formed a duo that mostly performs their own content for voice, bass and piano. The works leave ample space for improvisation that is adorned with airy electronic effects. The texts are from Estonian poetry and their own imagination. The duo has performed successfully at major festivals and clubs all over the world, such as in China, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom, Finland and many other countries.

Source: Postimees (art & culture)