Jazz Estonia x autumn programme


Jazz Estonia’s autumn programme will bring jazz music to 11 different places around Estonia, from Tallinn to Sillamäe, Paide and the islands.

Jazz Estonia launched its autumn programme on Saturday, 9 September at Sillamäe Jazz Club, with Pennar & Friends trio performing songs from their debut album, Stories Untold. The Philly Joe’s Jazz Club in Tallinn has also opened their doors for a new season, hosting Jazz Estonia’s season opening concert last Friday, 22 September, where singer, songwriter and arranger Ingrid Rabi performed her music with her group INGRA.

Jazz Estonia was founded at the initiative of musicians in April 2004. In the autumn of the same year, the union started organising jazz club concerts in Tallinn. The launching 20th season serves as an introduction to Jazz Estonia’s anniversary year and also includes some round-number celebrations this autumn: 30 years of Weekend Guitar Trio, the 65th birthday of percussionist Brian Melvin, and Ivi Rausi celebrating her 50th birthday with new album presentation concerts.

Also featured in the programme are performances by talented musicians of the younger generation: Reti Niimann, a newcomer in the RnB and pop-soul scene who participated at this year’s Student Jazz, and the neo-soul band Maarja Aarma MA. Besides local musicians we will also host the concert of the Swedish jazz quartet Makross, which combines American and Nordic jazz traditions into swinging, melodic and uplifting music that also leaves room for contemplation and pensiveness.

In September, a delegation of the members of Jazz Estonia and Jazzkaar Festival will participate in the annual gathering and conference of the European Jazz Network (EJN) to discuss new cooperation projects and directions of action. EJN is an international network of professionals that initiates important movements in European jazz. The cooperation has also promoted the international success of Estonian jazz music at jazz festivals and in the media. Each year the event is hosted by a different country. In 2021, the conference in Tallinn became one of the top music events of the year.

Taking place for the 16th time on 18-22 October, the aim of the Viljandi Guitar Festival is to promote improvisational and cross-genre guitar playing. In cooperation with the festival, Jazz Estonia also presents the Tiit Paulus Young Guitarist Award to acknowledge the accomplishments of talented young Estonian musicians and to encourage them to improve their guitar playing skills even more. Applications are expected until 10 October.

At the beginning of summer, Jazz Estonia held its annual general meeting where a new board was elected to continue the development and promotion of Estonian jazz music in Estonia and abroad. The new board was formed of outstanding figures in Estonian jazz: Kirke Karja, Ingrid Rabi, Ronja Soopan, Jaak Sooäär, Kristjan Randalu, Jana Kütt and Tõnu Tubli. Elected as the Chairman of the board was Kirke Karja, a renowned composer and pianist who previously coordinated the foreign affairs of Jazz Estonia and who will also perform in the programme during the autumn season. 

Kirke Karja: “The new board’s term of office will also cover the anniversary of Jazz Estonia – we will celebrate our 20th birthday in 2024. This milestone allows us to carry out powerful special projects and create excellent conditions for musicians to compose, perform and record new compositions. Together with the executive team, we wish to pay even more attention to the development of jazz music outside the major centers and bring our good partner clubs into focus.”

The concert programme of Jazz Estonia is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia. Keep an eye on Jazz Estonia’s activities on our website, Facebook and Instagram.


Further information:
Loreta Sindi 

Head of Marketing and Communications, Jazz Estonia / +372 566 36 422