Big event of EV100 music programme: Nine Hymns to Freedom

Several new works by 20 Estonian jazz composers will be brought to the listeners at Alexela Concert Hall. The composers wrote them in nine teams of different character. They focused on the values of Estonian existence that are important for them and dedicated their HYMNS to those virtues. At the concert, Estonian Police and Border Guard Orchestra, Ventum Orchestra, Collegium Musicale and well-known artists from other genres will accompany the jazz musicians. Various works will bring up to one hundred musicians to the stage. The big event has been designed as a cohesive whole by Eva Koldits; its music director is Siim Aimla. Nine Hymns to Freedom is an extraordinary endeavour in the history of Estonian jazz – nine new works, 20 composers, 100 musicians and 100 years of Estonian jazz. The project was brought to life as cooperation between Jazz Estonia and Jazzkaar.

According to the music director Siim Aimla, it’s rare to see 20 composers and jazz musicians combining their creative potential, the result of which is an Estonian creation through and through. ‘It is a particularly exciting creative process for the musicians themselves – nobody knows what the others are writing. They only know the subject matter and the general makeup of the performers. The composer duets of different character give us works that are as mixed and exciting as the history of Estonia’, said Aimla.

Jaanus Rohumaa, head of the organizing team of EV100, commented that although 9 Hymns to Freedom (which is a part of the EV100 music programme) is still a work in progress, he is already convinced that due to the brilliance of the composers the result will be something wonderful. ‘The 100th anniversary concert of the Estonian Republic brings exactly 100 musicians to the stage. They’ll use the language of sound to interpret significant events from our history’, said Rohumaa.

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